Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Little Pep Talk

There have been a lot of things swirling around in my head lately. I feel like I have this jumbled mess of a mind and heart at the moment. It’s not good or bad, but to be honest, it just feels confusing and chaotic.

Apparently, God decided that I needed a little pep talk. And who doesn’t love a pep talk every once in a while? This is what He had to say:

Lisa, don’t judge. I make every person on this earth exactly who they are. I love all of them, just as they are. You want to be more like me? Then you must love all of them too.

Lisa, you never know the whole story. You don’t know what people are dealing with at any given moment. What is causing them to act a certain way, or not act at all, is something only I know. Give them a break.

And while you’re at it Lisa, give yourself a break, too. I freely gave you My grace because I knew that you would never be able to earn it on your own merits. Ever. So be thankful for it and use some of it on yourself every once in a while.

Lisa, don’t give up the fight. Don’t ever stop wanting to teach others about Me. Use the personality that I gifted you with to be persistent. Continually pray for those who don’t know Me. For in doing this, you are showing Me that you have faith in Me and believe that I can do anything.

Lisa, talk to me; about anything and everything. I am the best friend that you will ever have. I will always be next to you or on the other end of the line, even at 3 o’clock in the morning. In fact, I care so much about you and love you so deeply, that I stay awake and on call every second of every day just hoping that you will come to Me to talk. I won’t judge you, I will comfort you; I won’t hurt you, I will heal you; I won’t hold back from you, I will provide. And I give great advice because I already know all of the answers.

Lisa, please continue to be patient. Only I know what I have in store for you. Don’t underestimate My plan for you. It’s far better than anything that you could ever imagine for yourself and it will bring Me great glory and honor. In the meantime, do what you love to do – missions, travel, learning more about Me. And rest in the fact that I know exactly what I’m doing, and that when I have finished preparing you, it will be amazing.

Lisa, listen to Me. Strive always to hear My voice, especially amidst the chaos that you experience in life. Ask Me to speak to you. And then listen to Me, even when what I tell you is not what you want to hear; even when I challenge you. I’m not here to make life easy. I am your Father and am here to protect you.

So, I don’t know about you, but that was my Thursday morning. Not bad, huh?  Have you had a pep talk from God lately?  If so, I'd love to hear what He had to say!